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Many of those who had believed came,

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2023 3:06 pm
by ratna555@
Confessed and manifested their superstitious practices, and quite a few of those who had professed the magical arts brought their books and burned them in public, the price of those burned being calculated in fifty thousand silver coins, so powerfully the word of the Lord grew and became stronger. Chesterton rightly said that "when men no longer believe in God, it is not that they no longer believe in anything: they believe in everything . " During the 20th century, and in a very marked way in its last three decades, we in the West witnessed a phenomenon that was both complex and simple. At the same time as there was a de-Christianization of society, there was an explosion of interest in esotericism, magic, the paranormal and eastern religions. You kicked a stone and a guru appeared levitating in the lotus position to tell you his story, in exchange for you filling his bank account.

The New Era bookstores, where along with books all the typical paraphernalia of that world were sold, emerged like mushrooms and were a Special Data thriving business. The phenomenon of ufology was not unrelated to all this, thanks to the "contactees" who brought us messages from our "older brothers" who, curiously, coincided to a large extent with that ethereal, gaseous and incomprehensible pseudo-Oriental spirituality. Sixto Paz and his Rama Mission, Giorgio Bongiovanni and his "stigmas", the Urantia Foundation appeared, whose texts Juan José Benítez shot for his Trojan Horses and other books. On television, programs that dealt with this world achieved ratings success. Few Spaniards over 30 years of age do not know who the now missing Jiménez del Oso was. Magazines such as Karma 7 (pioneer in Spain), Más Allá, Año Cero and others outsold the political-social information and opinion weeklies in this country. Famous actors and actresses, such as Shirley Maclain, were ambassadors of this new religiosity, which in reality was nothing new since it is as old as that temptation of the serpent in Paradise.


Astrology, with its "serious" horoscopes and astrological charts, mind control courses, glasses that induced states of consciousness, the use of the pendulum... the bazaar of the New Age and esotericism was immense. And it still is, although the degeneration of the Rappeles and Aramís Fuster on duty have not been of much help to the credibility of that world. Although Eastern religions tend to be much more serious than the nonsense they have sold us in recent decades, they have not been able to escape being the most useful instrument of modern witches. And lo and behold, on many occasions they have wanted to present themselves in the West through Christian clothing. To do this, they have had the collaboration of Catholic clerics and religious who, either because the faith did not fulfill them enough or because they did not directly have any type of Christian faith, have done everything possible and impossible to ensure that the syncretism between the Christianity and those Eastern religions. I myself received a course in mind control (pure spiritualism) from a Franciscan friar who was known as Father Carmelo. He was, is he still there?, in the parish that the Franciscans have on Duque de Sexto Street in Madrid.