Million the film grossed twice as

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Million the film grossed twice as

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Nicholas Ozeransky played by Matthew Perry is not a very successful dentist. His wife barely tolerates him the fatherinlaw who was a business partner of Oz nickname of Nicholas died leaving behind a debt of ten million dollars. To make ends meet Nicholas transports his wife and motherinlaw from Chicago to Montreal and opens a small practice there. In Canada Nicholas is overtaken by depression. The situation changes when he recognizes in his new neighbor the famous hitman Jimmy Tadeski nicknamed Jimmy Tulip. Oz's wife calls for Jimmy to be turned in immediately and receive a reward. Willis is as organic as possible in the role of a killer. Only the ironic squint and the tone of the conversation betray that this is a comedy.

Matthew Perry who dreamed of making a big movie debut as well e-commerce photo editing as moving away from being Chandler on Friends seems to have succeeded in the former but still looks like a typical Chandler. His Oz may not be as snarky but it's still ridiculous. He rushes between the demand of his wife and sympathy for his neighborkiller showdown with the mafia horrifies him. The Nine Yards was not an American comedy at all since it was directed by a British director. There are no usual American jokes in the picture even black humor looks subtle and elegant. In addition to Perry and Willis Lynn assembled a strong cast in The Yards Rosanna Arquette Amanda Peet the star of the Green Mile the giant Michael Clarke Duncan. Despite the fact that Willis was first approved for the role in the film the actor did not believe in the success of the comedy and even argued with Matthew Perry about it.


There is a rumor that the payback was shooting in several episodes of Friends without a fee. In fact Willis's fee was still paid but he gave the money to charity. With a budget of million the film grossed million at the box office. In The Nine Yards was released directed by Howard Deutsch. Weekend at Bernie's Bernie is more alive than all the dead Weekend at Bernie's Bernie is more alive than all the dead Weekend at Bernie's IMDb rating Weekend at Bernie's is an American comedy classic. The heroine of the series Friends Rachel Green in one of the episodes mentioned that this is her favorite comedy film. The success of the picture exceeded all expectations with a budget of much at the box office.

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