Leadership Qualities Was Surrounded

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Leadership Qualities Was Surrounded

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At the dawn of history, the concept of Leadership Qualities was surrounded by a magical and religious aura. The leader was conceived as a being superior to the rest of the members of the group, with special attributes and predominant leadership qualities . An individual by demonstrating his superiority to the community became the leader . These special powers or attributes were considered to be biologically transmitted from father to son or were a gift from the gods, that is, they were born with them.

However, even then, it was sought through the transmission Phone number database of knowledge and skills to create leaders . Currently, with the rise of psychology, an attempt has been made to base this perspective on the strong psychological bond that we establish with our father, the first archetypal figure that we have. leadership qualities Psychological studies on the qualities of leadership maintain that we seek in our leaders the security that the paternal symbol provided us. And so, as we conceptualized our father as a perfect and infallible being, we reproduce this fixation towards our leaders, considering them, therefore, bigger, more intelligent and more capable than us.

This, they explain, is that highly gifted individuals will be seen as potential leaders and placed in a leadership position, where they will eventually become, even in spite of themselves, leaders. For a long time it has been tried to define and measure the traits and abilities of leaders, however, until now a consensus has not been achieved in this regard. The lists and explanations are very diverse, extensive and heterogeneous. These listings reflect, rather than the true qualities of a leader, the prevailing values ​​in society or the image of the ideal leader. Although nowadays it is no longer thought that these leadership qualities are supernatural and that the skills that make a leader are common to all, it is accepted that leaders possess these to a greater degree.

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