Four Affiliate Email Marketing Tips

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Four Affiliate Email Marketing Tips

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In Google's own words , "Product Editor allows merchants to build a mobile and desktop presence to showcase their products and drive interactions with consumers. Consumers will see a more curated showcase of store products in the Business Profile Products tab on mobile, or in the Product Review module on desktop. Items added through the Product Editor appear in business profiles on the desktop and mobile versions of Google Search. It's as simple as creating collections containing at least three products each and completing the required fields, including the product image. Your customers will then be able to view your collections and click to see more details: In my opinion, it is very worthwhile to spend the time it takes to build collections and product lists.

This is a feature that many businesses China Email List have yet to properly utilize, and there's a good chance your competitors haven't either. How can users be encouraged to leave reviews? I've already emphasized the importance of reviews as part of your Google My Business presence. The SpotOn company discovered that 5-star ratings increase clicks by about 25% , below is a case study on the subject. But one frequently asked question is how businesses can encourage users to leave reviews. First, don't be tempted to leave fake reviews yourself or purchase reviews from others (or use unscrupulous services that offer this). Google can remove reviews that are considered unnatural.


To encourage users to leave reviews, you need to build a dedicated template and include the request in part of your internal processes, so that asking customers to review your business becomes natural and something that just happens. Here are some ideas: Use the features available in the Google Marketing Kit (currently unfortunately not supporting businesses in Israel) to create social posts, stickers and posters to encourage customers to leave reviews. Email customers after they have purchased (or use your service) and politely ask them to leave a review on the 'Google My Business' page while sharing the ' short link '. Ask old customers personally.

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