New Option in Google Ads - Collect Contact Information of Potential Clients

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New Option in Google Ads - Collect Contact Information of Potential Clients

Post by urmiaktate » Tue Dec 27, 2022 1:49 pm

Google Ads recently enabled a new extension for Google Ads search campaigns . As this feature is in beta, it is currently only available on a small number of campaigns! It is an option that expands the search ad with an additional "form for potential clients", a field where interested clients can leave their contact information so that you can send them a personalized offer . This very powerful option allows you to ask interested clients for one (or more) data on the basis of which you will deliver your offer to them. Data currently supported are: Name, or name of the client Client email address The client's phone number Customer zip code The extension offers a number of editing options. From the aforementioned possibility of searching for contact information, editing CTA (call to action) to visual editing.

The collected data can then be downloaded from Google Ads or integrated with the CRM system . Are you interested in using the new lead forms option with Google Ads advertising? Not sure if this option is also available in your Google Ads account? Contact us ! Those who have an immediate problem that you can solve for them. The goal is for the ad to be displayed as Malaysia Phone Number Data a result of searches on the Google search engine relevant to the service or product you offer. Facebook is primarily a social network, therefore it is used to interact with users, develop a follower base, and spread awareness of the existence and recognition of the brand. What to choose? Facebook or Google? Which platform is better for my type of business? The answer is that they are both.


The conversion path is long, unique for each customer, and includes various channels. A very small number of users decide to make an impulsive purchase on the first interaction with an ad. The most successful campaigns are those that "follow" the potential customer through multiple platforms along his purchase path (from the first contact with the brand to consideration of options and purchase decision. For example, you should combine Google ads with Facebook - the user clicks on a sponsored FB post and ends up on your website, where he enters the list for remarketing via Google Display and YouTube ads. Every job is specific. Every customer is specific. Get to know his buying habits and adapt your strategy to them. Contact us and our Google Ads and Facebook advertising experts will design the best strategy for your needs.

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