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Islam: A Religion of Peace and Tolerance

Before Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other socio-political orders prevailed but were unable to cover all aspects of human life. In 7th century, Islam hail from peninsula of Arabia and transformed the whole outlook of the prevailing setups. It is Islam which provides a complete code of life. It covers all aspects of human life ranging from personal to societal, economical to political and social to cultural problems. Any ideology prevails when peace prevails. Thus, the peace is a basic necessity of any social setup to prosper. So is for Islam. Likewise, the Glorious Quran is book of peace and compassion and the prophet Muhammad SAW is a peace-maker of all the time which is evident from his life before as well as after his prophet-hood. It is the matter of the fact that Islamic social setup is based on Adl and Ehsan (Social Justice). It obliges us to certain rights and duties around us. It also direct us to oblige the rights of the women, minorities and all human beings. Further, Islam shows that peace is a rule and war is an exception and also draws rules and grounds for a just war if war is unavoidable. Islam forbids violence and guides us to live in peace. Undoubtedly, Islam is religion of peace and tolerance. Its teaching are based on the spirit of love, mercy and compassion.

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