1. Role of Media in Reforming the Society and Public Opinion Formation.
2. Democracy is a only system of the government which may work in Pakistan , despite all the oddities. Or Why Democracy fails to resolve the problems of common citizen of Pakistan.
3. The Energy Crisis in Pakistan and suggestions how to create parallel sources.
4. Terrorism: Pakistan is worst hit of International Terrorism – what are the causes , hidden conspiracies , and possible practical suggestions to curb the menace.
5. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy – How can it represent the aspirations of the citizens?
6. Role of Women in the development of Society--- How can a Woman sustain in a Male –dominated Society of Pakistan. Rituals against women makes the life deplorable in Pakistan( karo – Kari, Sawara-Waanni) etc
7. Pakistan’s Economic Stability is linked with the sustainable democratic Set- Up- elucidate!
8. Social Evils are ruining the society – due to foreign influences , How can we maintain our cultural norms in a global society
9. Pakistan, strategically, one of the Most important country of the region, Issue of Kashmir and Afghanistan endangers the security of the country. How can we cope up with the situation?
10. Last Sermon of Holy Prophet is the international Constitution or Charter of Human Rights,, Elucidate the Charter the light of sacred life of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
11. Corruption is the principal cause of the mal-governance . it is a cancer that has penetrated in to the veins of the structure of the state and endanger its integrity and solidarity . Elucidate the Economic Terrorism and its linkage with institutionalized Corruption in Pakistan and its remedial measures .