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    Assalam O Alaikum

    what optional subjects are high scoring ?

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    Please come out of such conception of 'scoring subjects'. Just read the underlining factors behind the revision of scheme and syllabus of subjects. FPSC has itself announced that it brought reforms so as to dilute the notion of scoring trends of subjects.

    Therefore, more preparation, more topic-oriented approach can ensure better scores.

    However, suggestions are still there as regards to comparison of different subjects; like IR is expected to yield better than Political Science, US history is more worthy choice than other subjects in the same category, regional languages are still expected to outshine other languages etc.

    With presenting such suggestions, something should necessarily be realized and acknowledged that we cannot in such a straight way predict this trend to prevail in CE-2016 as confusion still hovers there. In fact, one should himself judge which subject suits him best.



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