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    Public Administration- CSS Syllabus


    100 MARKS

    I. Public Administration: Concepts, Approaches and Context

    Definitions; Role and Scope of Public Administration in Society; Issues in Public Administration Theory and Practice – Democracy versus Bureaucracy, Politics versus Administration, Efficiency versus Equity; Core Values of Public Administration – Rule ofLaw, Efficiency, Equity and Fairness, Responsiveness; Traditional Public Administration; New Public Management; New Public Service; Governance Approach to Public Administration; Islamic Concept of Public Administration; Historical roots of Public administration in Pakistan.

    II. Public Organization: Classical and Contemporary Theories and

    Bureaucracy; Scientific Management; The Human Relations; Leadership, Motivation, Network; Governance; Strategic Management; Public Choice; Administrative Culture; Types of Organizational Structure; Organization of Federal, Provincial, and Local Government in Pakistan; Administrative Culture of Pakistan; Inter-governmental Relations at Federal and Provincial level in Pakistan.

    III. Public Policy Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

    Strategic Planning and Management; Planning Process; Policy Analysis; Policy Implementation; Program Evaluation; Planning Machinery; Role of Donors and International Institutions in Public Policy and Management; Policy making and implementation of Federal Government of Pakistan.

    IV. Budgeting and Financial Management

    The Budget as a Policy Tool; The Budget as a Managerial Tool; Principles of Budgeting, Auditing and Accounting in Government; The Line-Item Budget; The Performance Budget; Program Budgeting; Zero-Base Budgeting; Outcome-Based Budgeting. Planning and Budgeting in Pakistan.

    V. Managing Human Resources

    Spoil versus Merit System in Public Employment; Personnel versus Human Resources Management; Close versus Open System of Public Employment; Functions of Human Resources Management; Challenges of Adopting HRM in Public Sector.

    VI. Administrative Law

    Meaning, Scope and Significance; Nature and Contents of Administrative Law, Administrative Ethics, Delegation of authority and Legislation, Administrative Tribunals; Administrative Law- Pakistan.

    VII. Public Management Skills

    Communication; Decision Making, Conflict Management; Leading, AdministrativeBuffering; Managing Change; Managing Diversity; Stress Management;

    Delegation; Public Service Motivation; Creativity and Problem Solving; Issues of Public

    VIII. The Civil Service of Pakistan

    Historical Background of Civil Service, The Structure of civil Service; History of Civil Service Reform; Management of Civil Service; Institutional and Cultural Context of Civil Service; Role of Civil Service in Good Governance, Gender and Civil Service.

    IX. Organization of Provincial and Local Government

    Governance Structure of Provincial Administration; Organization of Provincial Secretariat; Organization and Functions of Provincial Authorities and Agencies and their Relationship with Government Departments; Post-devolution Local Governance; Organization and Functions of District Government and Administration; Organization and Structure of City District Government; Issues and Challenges of Local Governance.

    X. Governance and Administrative Reforms

    Theories of Administrative Reforms; Types of Administrative Reforms, Privatization, Regulation, De-regulation, Decentralization, Business Re-engineering, Quality Assurance; Administrative Reform in Pakistan.

    XI. Public Administration: Accountability & Control

    Bureaucratic Responsiveness; Representative Bureaucracy; Citizens Engagement in Public Service; Accountability & Control, The Concept and Approaches to Public Accountability ofPublic Service; Institutional Framework for Administrative Accountability; Legislative, Executive and Judicial Control over Administration, Administrative Corruption; Role of Civil Society in Good Governance, Media, Interest Groups, Civil Society Organizations; The Situation in Pakistan.

    XII. Public Administration and Development

    Role of Public Administration in Development; Concept of Development Administration; Difference Between Development Administration and Development Management; Changing Role of Public Administration in Development, Issues and Challenges in Public Administration- The Pakistan Situation.


    S.No. Title Author
    1. Public Administration Denhardt, R
    2. Public Administration – Understanding
    Management, Politics and Law in the Public Sector
    David H. Rosenbloom
    3. Public Administration Caiden, Gerald. E,
    4. Public Administration for the Twenty-First Century Cooper et al,
    5. Organization Theory for Public Administration Harmon, Michael M. & Mayer. Richard T
    6. Public Administration and Public Affairs Nicholas Henry,
    7. Classics of Public Administration Shafritz, J. and Hyde,
    8. Public Administration Dictionary Candler, R. & Plano, J
    9. Reinventing Government Osbourne, D. and Gaebler, I.
    10. Bureaucracy, Basic Books Wilson, J. Q.,
    11. Evolution of Pakistan’s Administration System Braibanti, Ralph
    12. Human Development in South Asia: The Crises of
    Khadija Mahbub-ul-Haque
    13. Bureaucracy in Pakistan Kennedy, Charles H.,
    14. Public Administration and Law Beckett, Julia & Koenig Heidi O.
    15. Public Administration: A Comparative Perspective Heady, Ferrel
    16. Public Administration and Public Management: The Principle Agent Perspective Lane, Jan-Erik
    17. Governance: South Asian Perspective Hasnat Abdul Hye
    18. Governance, Economic Policy and Reform in
    Abdus Samad
    19. Government and Administration in Pakistan Jameelur Rehman Khan
    20. Public Administration: with special reference to
    Sultan Khan
    21. Public Administration in India Hoshiar Singh
    22. Public Administration in Asia Vol. I & II Kalyanaraman Srinivasan
    23. Organizational Theory and the Public Sector Christensen, T., Laegreid, P., Roness, P. and Rovik, K
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