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    Gender Studies past papers

    is Somebody have past papers of Gender Studies then please share.
    and also tell me is that a good subject regarding Css. ???

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    Perhaps, you are totally newcomer otherwise you would have known that it's first in the history of CSS when Gender Studies has been included in CSS scheme. It's new subject dear along with Criminology, Town Planning etc. So how there can be past papers?? It's first exam would be held in CE-2016.

    Whether it's good or not... yes it is. It's syllabus is not pretty much lengthy and easily manageable. If you have considerable acquaintance with social studies, then it would be very easy for you to sail your boat through it's water. If you don't have that background then still there is no need to worry about. However, you should try to get relevant guidelines from someone senior or teacher of the subject.

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    Thank you so much for you concern i really admire your effort . and i always keen to know more about this particularly subject.

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    If some body have MCQs regarding Gender Study then share here.



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