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    Optional subjects

    Asalamualikum everyone. Please guide me in opting optional subjects. I'm considering these subjects for CE-2016:
    1. International Relations
    2. Physics (with Physics background)
    3. Environmental Sciences
    4. Geography
    Please share your experience and guide me about my choices. Should i opt for all these or should consider any changes?
    Thank You

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    Superb combination. However, you have to place little bit more focus on IR as except to this your other subjects are from science group that will tilt your language orientation more towards science. Learning Jargon and terminology of IR, perhaps may prove little harder. But as you have your academic background in Physics as for you it might have been a routine job to confront with perplexing expressions, so on the basis of your considerable experience, it is expected that you might enjoy comparative easiness with difficult or unfamiliar terms.

    Moreover, while preparing Physics don't let yourself to be overwhelmed by the idea that preparing Physics would be rather an easy job and a left-hand play as it is the subject which you have been studying during your graduation or master program. I have seen many aspirants committing this folly and hence bearing the brunt of it as they got lower scores in the subjects in which they got their academic degree. Just do justice with each subject.

    Again your combination is strong and sound! Be confident.
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