The women in developmental (WID) approach was the best that has been developed in the shape that is best suited for the different facet of this subject matter. The social duty of women is entirely different from the societal responsibility of men in which the diversification is going on and it will go at academic paradigm. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been working since the perception inculcated in the Pakistan about the Gender Studies. Historically, the 1999 observed the way in which “Country WID profile-Pakistan” was the biggest platform to think about this mindset.Status Of Gender Studies
The gender equality perspective is being monitored in the sense that is highly defined as the best course that was firstly observed by the collaboration of Sustainable Development policy Institute (SDPI) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The country Gender Profile study was done successfully in different perspective and still the traces of that study matters are present over here in Pakistan. The basic purpose of creation of that standard in Pakistan was only to explore that either the gender equality can control with this collaboration successfully or not. The other purpose of that collaboration was to formulate the gender policies and best formulation of policies was identified as the result matter in conclusive way.
After the policies formulation for the gender in Pakistan, the subject matter goes with the proper and optimum implementation for those polices in the same manner as decided. The policy implementation is Pakistan is the way that show which policy was highly beneficial in rising the status of gender or else. The society is the thinking perspective in which the whole generation always showed that the probability of gap that has been existed over there, show that the country is required a proper functionality in lowering the gaps between the policy formulation and implementation.
The society is changing and this paradigm shift endorsed the changes during the development of individual among gender literature. This subject matter was consistent in change specifically from 1999 to 2007. This is the principle in which the policy environment was penetrating at platform of gender studies. The socio cultural context is the other mindset that was developed in the same manner so that gender equality could monitor. The customary practices are also monitored during the change from one level of study to another level. In the end, one can say that status of gender studies in Pakistan that was initiated with the boasted behavior is still continue with the same pace.