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    Diplomatic Debacle

    The membership of Pakistan in Shanghai Cooperation Organization is its diplomatic victory, but on the side lines in Ufa city where there is Pakistan's diplomatic victory on the other hand there is diplomatic debacle.
    How diplomatic debacle?
    The meeting of Nawaz with Modi is applaudable. The discussions between these two leaders was carried out on the menace of terrorism to the region, Lakhvi case(alleged in Mumbai attacks), and the release of fishermen from both sides. But with grief it is to be said that Nawaz had not raised the issue of Kashmir with Modi. The reason Nawaz had not raised the issue was his diplomatic game with India. Before meeting, India made it clear that meeting was only possible if the issue of Kashmir was not raised at that forum and our authorities agreed that. Kashmiris have been fighting for their rights from 68 years nearly seven decades and this was the right forum where PM Nawaz could have raised the voice but he showed his callousness towards Kashmiris. In 2014 General Raheel has raised the voice for Kashmir thrice, making a sharp graph and some how it was taken serious by the International media , International communities, and the UNO but this graph has been devastated by Nawaz and turned the issue of Kashmir to be resolved bilaterally as in the regime of Musharraf but nothing happened. The same scenario is being initiated by Nawaz which would have no fruitful end.
    The PM Nawaz also not raised the issues like Modiís speech for threatening Pakistan and claiming Indian involvement for separating East Pakistan from West Pakistan in Bangladeshi university, his reservations regarding CPEC project, LOC and many more and important among them was Kashmir. Its seems it was dearth of onus which was shown by PM at such a forum.
    Hats off to Xi jinping who was asked by Modi to take veto back for lakhvi case and favor India. But he refused and told him the veto was taken on facts, means India was not able to produce facts for accusing lakhvi in Mumbai Attacks. However Modi has tried to tarnish the image of Pakistan at every level but these efforts havenít been productive.

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    Indians are in a state of paranoia. Currently, Pakistan seems right way in upward. Pakistan does need to reciprocate Indians with the same hostility and aggressiveness that they are showing. Today's world is more insecure and more warlike. We need to outsource peace at our disposal.
    World knows who is right and who is otherwise.

    This, however, does not imply that we should let the Kashmir Issue down. It's our legitimate concern. But still we need not to yield before our emotions. In international politics, emotions are valued but less. Many states in the world are confronted with territorial issues among them. Some are heading their way to resolve these issues while others are badly stuck as the issues related to geography are adding the worst king of bitterness among the people across the borders. The appealing part that sounds sane is the continuity of their mutual cooperation especially their policies that emphasized on economic imperatives; they are consistently and unbrokenly keeping themselves tight with their firmness of resolve to ensure smooth progress of trade and commerce.

    Undoubtedly, Indians at their disposal are naive and bigotic. But answering them in the same tone will not promise Kashmiris a better future. Instead their sufferings will multiply.

    Modi has tried to tarnish the image of Pakistan at every level but these efforts

    Mudassir Saeed, in his article, 'India: From China Threat to Economic Corridor' in July Edition of J World Times has also raised this issue and he rightly portrayed the bigoted face of B J P in his article.

    All we need is the prevalence of sanity on our side!
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    There are primarily two views about the current Nawaz-Modi discussion and both provide us powerful insight...

    According to one corner, it is a essentially diplomatic debacle. According to them the momentum Pakistan built up against India through Pakistan successfully exposed India's aggressive designs and her interference into Pakistan's domestic affairs is lost after this meeting. It was a diplomatic defeat according to them. Nawaz surrendered all what was Pakistan expected to gain.

    This argument has a lot of relevancy especially when the paradigms are being restructured and rearranged. After a long span of three decades West especially USA seems convince of Pakistan's stance against India. BBC report, intercepts acquired by ISI that shows RAW involvement in backing terrorism etc all go in favour of Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan also adopted the path of proactive diplomacy. However, all this came but to no avail as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif clearly manifested the policy of appeasement.

    Other insists that Pakistan should restrain and be careful not to fall into Indians trap. India wants to provoke Pakistan. Pakistan has successfully presented it as peace-loving state. The way west and the rest of the world is paying heed to Pakistan's concern only affirm this. It is testing the Indians digestibility. They are but in a state of paranoia. Therefore, they are inclined to provoke Pakistan so that Pakistan should commit, as it has been since the last three and half decades, confrontational or warlike tendencies. Even when a mini creature is provoked it sparks into violent posture. This is what Indians expect Pakistan would do. Therefore according to these scholars it is better for the country to be mindfully cautious of Indians designs and hence allow sanity to prevail.

    I think the result was mixed. Pakistan should have responded proactively



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