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    Which subject to prefer??

    Assalam o Alaikum!

    Respected seniors and members, please guide me opting a subject from this group. I have already narrowed down my choice and now thinking to opt whether Agriculture and forestry or environmental sciences.

    Which subject suits me. My other subjects are IR, Int. Law, Geography, Islamic History
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    If you have already decided for geography then choice for either Env Sciece or Agri and Forestry is good and appealing. Although there is little similarity among the contents of these subjects however, striking feature is that terminology and jargon of these subjects are matching.

    Agriculture and forestry can work better if you try to find quality material on this subject. You may get relevant, easy and comprehensible notes and handouts from the students of University of Agriculture Faisalabad. A good feature about Agri and forestry subject is FPSC in its revision has dropped technical topics and the ones that currently constitute the syllabus of Agri and For. are easy and to a great extent general.

    Earlier toughest portion of Agri and For. was from Plant Breeding and Genetics and also from Soil Science, which fortunately have been removed. Now very little has been entertained by FPSC from these sections.

    Therefore, at the end I will again say that if you succeed in finding relevant and comprehensive notes and handouts on Agri and Forestry then it's better choice....
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