Qualities of a good precis

A good précis shows the writing skills of a person. It must have the following qualities;

1. Clarity
Clarity means getting your message across so that the receiver can understand what the writer is trying to convey. The writer can achieve clarity by using simple language and simple structure.

2. Correctness
Mistakes in your writings always irritate the reader. We may consider the mistakes under the following headings:
• Misspelled words
• Mistakes in figures and dates
• Mistakes in punctuation
• Mistakes of grammar and structure

3. Objectivity
Objectivity means the ability to present or view facts uncolored by feelings, opinions and personal bias. A précis should be purely a summary of the original text without any addition (No personal opinion and no personal ideas)

4. Coherence
Coherence means the logical and clear interconnection of ideas in a written piece of work. The ideas should be well knitted so that the writer may not be confused and lose his interest.

5. Completeness
Another striking feature of a good précis is completeness. Completeness means that the writer should include all the important facts in a précis. To make it short he should not omit the important ideas

6. Conciseness
Conciseness means to say all that needs to be said and no more. The writer should write what is necessary and avoid writing unnecessary details. To achieve conciseness, notice the following suggestions:
• Omitting unnecessary details
• Eliminate wordy expressions
• Include only relevant material
• Avoid unnecessary repetition