Strategic Cousins is a term coined by John C. Blaxland. It is referred to two states; Canada and Australia

Both have remarkable similarities.

1. Both speak English
2. Both are the most American-looking
3. Both border 3 oceans ( you could say Australia borders Southern Ocean)
4. Both have huge land areas
5. Both have small population relative to land area
6. Both have the southeast portion being the most populated
7. Both have approx. same GDP per capita (Aus: $37,300, Can: $38,600)
8. Both have clean cities
9. Both have cities with nice skylines
10. Both have capitals that is not the largest city (Canberra, Ottawa)
11. Sydney and Toronto have somewhat similar looking skylines
12. Both have the tallest structure in their largest city (Sydney and Toronto)
13. Both have the tallest structure that is a tower
14. Sydney and Toronto are both in the same league being beta-world cities