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    Which combination should I keep???

    I have done Masters in Political Science. I want to have the combination of Political Science with Public Admin., International Law, Psychology and Pushto(my first language). Will it be suitable for me? Please also suggest me the reasonable method of study and making notes.

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    Dear, your combination is good except that scores of Political Science have not been encouraging in recent years. However, being a Masters in Political Science, you should be in a position to handle this paper aptly. As an option, i think you may also consider Geography or British History.
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    Fortified, I think, You should study with a timeline in mind. First of all enlist all topics to be covered for each subject. Consult past papers to get an idea of the way questions are asked in exam. Make a combination of one textbook and one CSS-specific book. During first read, take short notes of all important points. Add all useful diagrams, figures and flow charts you find to your notes. Refine your notes with every revision.

    The suggestions by css groupie are good.



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