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    Who fought Who??

    Who Fought Who

    World War I

    Allied Powers VS Central Powers

    Allied Powers: British Empire, France, and the Russian Empire, Portugal and Japan, Italy
    USA entered the war on April 6, 1917 in the favour of Allies. However, it is called ‘Associated Power’ rather than allies.

    Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey)

    Allied Powers

    World War II

    Allied Powers VS Axis Powers

    Allied Powers: Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States, and China

    Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, and Japan

    Victory: Allied Powers
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    The Napoleonic Wars- 1799-1815

    The Napoleonic Wars were a series of conflicts fought between France under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte and a number of European nations between 1799 and 1815.

    Napoleon fought about 60 battles and lost seven, mostly at the end

    Napoleon waged these wars against prominently against Britain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal Russian and even Egypt.

    Its most famous and furious contest, however, remained with Britain

    The End of the Napoleonic Wars

    The Battle of Waterloo-18 June 1815 was Napoleon’s last endeavour.

    Napoleon lost the battle and was exiled to St. Helena in the South Atlantic where he died six years later.



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