Problems & Solutions

• Introduction
• British Era and Sandeman System
• Since 1947
• Reasons for the conflict
• Provincial Autonomy & Ethnic Culture
• Resource Exploitation
• Deprivation and Lack of Development lag
• Government’s Neglect
• Role of Sardars
• Religious Extremism
• External Factors and Geo Politics
• History of the conflicts
• The Current Insurgency and Baloch Nationalism
• Insurgency and ‘Geo‐Politics of Energy Resources’
• Insurgent Groups in Balochistan
• Settlers issue & current situation in Balochistan
• Pakhtun Factor
• Liberation and Viability: Is independent Balochistan viable?
Possible consequences for independent Balochistan and divided Pakistan
• Questions for Baloch Nationalists and Insurgents
• Balochistan Package (see appendix B)
• Solution: What needs to be done?
• Conclusion
• References
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