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    Why civil servants should be honest?

    Why civil servants should not be corrupt? is the title of my essay that i am going to write.
    Guys please help me by sharing your views and relevant arguments.
    I shall be thankful.

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    Honesty is what demanded from a Civil Servant. A civil servant is employed to help and ensure the provision of basic services to the people. Moreover, it is an important part of his 'duties' to streamline his domain only to serve people. These services should be delivered effectively and efficiently.
    He can perform his duties best only when he is the epitome of universally-acknowledged values like honesty, loyalty, courage, hard work and so on. Deviation from such duties only happened when civil servants, instead of inculcating such moral and highly esteemed values in their character, vie for personal gains and enrichment.

    Corruption always comes at the altar of honesty. For a man of sense and conscience, it is nearly impossible to bear the guilt of abusing and desecrating fellow-citizens rights.
    A civil servant should be a man of conscience and therefore be honest and truthful.

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    One of the crucial factors required for effective delivery of good governance, along with ensuring effective implementation of rules and regulations is to root out corruption. This is only possible if civil servants are honest and free of corruption.

    So honesty on the part of civil servants is, in fact, an imperative for furnishing good governance.

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    It is the values and moralities and also the sanctity attached to these values that bind a person to the very fabrics of honesty. Honest bureaucracy ensures subtle coherence between economic progress and social up gradation of the people. Deviating from this highly-esteemed values means a civil servant is weighing his position in terms of money and material gains. This very erosion of ethics facilitates corruption to penetrate into the individuals and then into the society whole.

    Therefore, honesty on the part of bureaucracy is indispensable for the ceaseless headway of a society.
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    Their role holds key value in implementing the laws in the country. Only honest bureaucracy can ensure that as better administration demands corrupt-free governing body. By better implementing the policies, honest CSPs can ensure the smooth running of overall development process.
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    As the term itself implies, a civil servant is expected to serve the public and that he should be an epitome of service. Only honesty can guarantee this.

    Otherwise, our country is already suffering with the menace of corruption, that is both pervasive and omnipresent.

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    To be part of civil service is in fact the cherished dreams of most of the youth. It is by any means highly prestigious and venerable profession offers a lot of incentives and benefits that are to the fair extremes, lucrative and revered. Every young man has a right to aspire for the civil service. However, while underlining the attached perks and privileges of the service, it is also pertinent here, to acknowledge that with power comes responsibility. The domain of civil service is so broaden that it is a prime factor behind defining the country's overall working mechanism and also underpins a country's progress.

    Such an esteemed position of civil servants require such persons that should be in possession of strong moral values like honesty while observing the duties.

    The presence of honesty increase people's confidence over them and hence fetch authenticity from the public. A civil servant who is free of corruption and is honest has a strong attraction for others to imitate him. Whenever a civil servant will respond with honesty, it will create interpersonal closeness and authenticity.

    Being honest, a public servant shows how much he cares for the moral values and more importantly for the progress and benefits of his/her state.

    Honesty has an tremendous potential to instill courage among the people who stay adhered to it throughout their lives. The moral courage, in turn, is indispensable for civil servants especially in countries like Pakistan. Here, Political pundits, feudals, lords etc all considerably try to exert their influence in their own favour. Only a civil servant with strong moral courage can withstand their pressure.

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    I want to ask that can we discuss all css topics & issues on skype OR this forum because on css forum mast of the aspirants discuss U.S History on skype so we should also discuss all css topics atleast this forum.

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    I want to ask that can we discuss all css topics & issues on skype OR this forum
    This forum serves as a platform where the members are free to share their views and hold conversations.

    While as much as 'skype' is concerned, it's the members own's choice whether to communicate on skype or not.

    Respected Falak, you should ask such questions by starting a separate thread rather than posting in a thread where it is not concerned.
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