Vegetable, fruit exports register growth this year

ISLAMABAD: Fruit and vegetable exports from the country during first 10 months of current financial year registered an increase of 0.49 percent and 4.99 percent respectively as compared to last year.
During the period from July-April 2014-15, the exports of different kinds of fresh fruit from the country increased by 0.49 percent and reached 632,758 metric ton, worth $399.924 million. T
The fruit exports from the country during first 10 months of last year was recorded at 734,531 metric tons, valuing $397.976 million, said the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. However, the data revealed that exports of leguminous vegetable (pulses) decreased by 100 percent as compared to the exports of same period last year.
Meanwhile, the exports of meat and meat preparations grew by 5.47 percent and were recorded at 62,777 metric tons valuing $202.348 million during first 10 months, which was previously recorded at 62,690 metric tons worth $191.849. The exports of all other food items registered an increase of 3.74 percent as the country managed to earn $646.788 million, which was recorded at $623.469 million last year.
The overall food group exports from the country during 10 months were decreased by 2.04 percent as compared to corresponding period of last year. The exports of food products were recorded at $ 3.862 billion in the current financial year as compared to the exports of $ 3.942 billion at the same period of last year, the data revealed.