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    Talking FPSC's Latest Decision

    Finally FPSC came with its recent decision to shed the clouds hovering over the status of Medium of Instruction for Islamic Studies and more importantly over the “combined score” of General Knowledge Papers. Today FPSC’s working body has underlined 3 major decisions, two of which are almost exuberantly cheerful and heart shaking.

    1. Both Urdu and English are allowed as a Medium of instruction for Islamic Studies.
    2. Candidates who score minimum 120 marks in all the 3 subjects of General Knowledge viz. (i) General Science and Ability (ii) Current Affairs (iii) Pakistan Affairs, will be considered qualified.

    For Non-Muslim Candidates
    In its recent decision, FPSC has limited the Non-Muslim candidates to only go for Comparative study of Major Religions.

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    Really good news

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    Would you please mention the source or link....

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    Good decision! Thanks for sharing it.

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    @Moderator please mention the source of information.
    Any how if true a good edge for us (CE 2016)



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