10. Abdul Qadeer Khan - Made Pakistan first Muslim country and world's 7th Atomic power.

9. Mahbub ul Haq - Introduced the concept of 'The Human Development Index' in Economics.

8. Sohail Khan - Designed a cleaver lavatory that transform waste into fuel.

7. Prof. Dr. Sayed Amjad Hussain - The inventor of two surgical devices Ė the pleuroperitoneal shunt and a special endotracheal tube.

6. Ayub Khan Ommaya - Developed the first subcutaneous for repeated intrathecal injections.

5. Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood - Developed the first probe to detect heavy water leaks in nuclear power plants.

4. Abdus Salam - First scientist to discover 'electroweak interaction'.

3. Amjad Farooq and Basit Farooq - Made world's first computer virus in 1986.

2. Naveed Zaidi - Developed world's first workable plastic magnet.

1. Dr. Naweed Syed - The first scientist to 'connect brain cells to a silicon chip'.