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    Lightbulb Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts infographic of India without Kashmir

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg carelessly waded into a political conflict of words between Pakistanis and Indians when he posted an infographic on the site featuring a map of India, excluding the disputed territory of Kashmir.

    Inevitably, the post–which was shared to celebrate the “countries connected” by his project– sparked outrage among the Facebook community and led to Zuckerberg taking down the post.

    It did not take long for Indians to notice the mistake and angry comments began pouring in from across the world.

    “Great Job, Please correct the Indian MAP on this Picture, Kashmir is Missing,” said one comment by Akhil Dev which was endorsed by almost 2,500 likes and over 350 replies.

    “With lots of respect Dear Mr. Mark just correct the map otherwise world war 3 will begin from here on wards, .thereafter Planet will become without Pakistan ….#INDIAN,” said another comment.

    Zuckerberg posted the infographic to announce the launch of in Malawi, Africa and it showed the countries where Facebook’s initiative had been launched.

    “With this launch, is now available to more than 1 billion people around the world!” he posted.
    Zuckerberg also came under attack on Twitter as many were angered by his carelessness.

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    What Zuckerberg posted was logical and understandable and also in line with history of the region. Although he succumbed before Indian aggressiveness and naiveness, yet he shared what is true.
    Comments from Indian sides only exposed their intolerance and bigotry.



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