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    Instructions to Score High in Islamiat

    The students usually prepare two segments: “Islamic Systems” and “Fundamental Problems of the Humans and the Holy Quran” and neglect the other two. But, only one or two questions are asked from these segments and sometimes this number falls to zero.

    It is a known fact that Islamiat paper in CSS exam has always been a tricky one. In CE 2014, 8628 candidates failed this very paper. Moreover, during 2005-11, the examiners have mainly focussed the contemporary challenges to Islam.

    On the basis of my experience and interaction with the students, I have found these 10 mistakes responsible for very low scores in Islamiat:

    1. The whole range of question in Islamiat paper can be divided into four segments:

    a. Beliefs
    b. Pillars of Islam
    c. Islamic Systems
    d. Fundamental Problems of the Humans and the Holy Quran

    The students usually prepare two segments: “Islamic Systems” and “Fundamental Problems of the Humans and the Holy Quran” and neglect the other two. But, only one or two questions are asked from these segments and sometimes this number falls to zero.

    2. The aspirants seldom practice writing good introduction to an answer.

    3. Then there is hardly any heed paid to maintain coherence and linkage between the paragraphs.

    4. The students neither memorize Arabic text of verses and ahadith nor do they bother to write any text in actual paper.

    5. Objecting others is, unfortunately, rampant in our society. We hear criticism of every sort almost round the clock. But, in CSS, it is not approved of by the examiners. They just want to assess that which candidate has actually understood the issue and what suggestions he has to help resolve the said issue. It has been witnessed that some students become more-than-necessary critical while writing the answers to questions related to Western culture or civilization or those related to the issues of women. However, to score high, a balanced approach must be followed.

    6. The students do read the books but they fail to utilize their analytical skills and creativity while writing down their answers. The students should consciously try to think about the contemporary challenges to Islam and the ways to tackle those.

    7. Unfortunately, the books available in the market are mostly meretricious as no heed has been paid in those to the prevailing trend of questions in the actual paper.

    8. Most students follow “read, read and read” principle but do not pay any attention on enhancing their writing speed.

    9. Numerous aspirants, having no academic background in Islamiat, need a lot of guidance but they do not bother to seek any.

    10. The last, but not least, are spelling and grammar mistakes.

    How to Overcome These Mistakes?

    If the above mentioned problems are overcome then there is no reason why the students would get low scores or fail this paper. Proper, coherent and impressive introduction to an answer is a prerequisite to scoring high in Islamiat paper. Following suggestions can be helpful in improving the quality of your answer to get the maximum score:

    1. There are usually three types of sentences:

    a. Issue-based
    b. Argumentative, which may support the issue at hand
    c. concluding, which are usually suggestion-based

    2. After providing an impressive introduction, the answer should be written in a style that is simply rational and coherent.

    3. During preparations you should focus basically the Islamic Systems and the questions related to the fundamental problems of human beings and the importance and role of the Holy Quran in finding solutions to them.

    4. Do write a relevant Quranic verse before starting to write the answer.

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    Please recommend some books in accordance with the new revised syllabus of Islamiat.

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    Please recommend some books in accordance woth the new revised syllabus of Islamiat.

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    Sir please guide me that now islamiat should be prepared in urdu r english??becouse nothing is clearly stated by fpsc in this regard... i have got material in both the languages..but much confused ... what do u sugst
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    Going for CSS requires you to improve your English, if not master. This improvement in English language, very often. comes at the cost of other languages; other than English your level of fluency gradually decreases in other languages. So, you should prefer English.

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    English is the essential part for the success in written test and more important in Interview.
    Not only go for vocabulary but also the correct pronunciation of the words.
    The main problem is that English is a second language in Pakistan and no such environment available of English speaking.
    The main focus in CSS is just English firm grip. Everyone has a lot of knowledge of many topics but many of us could not express the knowledge on paper in simple English.
    Best of Luck



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