Benjamin Netanyahu has deepened relations with Washington under US President Donald Trump’s tenure – but an Israeli MP has labelled their friendship “dangerous”.
Trump’s controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital within his first year of office and the Golan Heights in March has cemented his affable relationship with Netanyahu. However, his brief time in the White House has also seen regional tensions skyrocket, with critics slamming the Trump administration of favouring Israel. Speaking exclusively to at PalExpo, Israeli-Arab MP Dr Yousef Jabareen claimed the strong camaraderie between the two could yet delay peace in the region due to Washington's tendency to overlook Israel's violations.

Israeli MP hits out at Jared Kushner over Palestine dea. He said: “The cooperation between Trump and Netanyahu is really dangerous.

“It’s not just that Trump is giving the green light for Netanyahu’s mass oppression against Palestinians. “Sometimes we feel that America is directly encouraging Netanyahu, like with the American involvement in the embassy move.

“This was in addition to illegal settler activities in East Jerusalem and the recognition of the Golan Heights. “So the US is becoming a clear partner of Israel – it’s not a neutral broker.”

Last month Jared Kushner – one of Trump’s prominent advisers on Middle Eastern affairs – outlined his “deal of the century” for the Middle East.

Pledging $50billion to help the Palestinian economy, he was roundly criticised by leaders from the West Bank and Gaza – as well as Dr Jabareen. They said the plan ignored the political reality of the occupation, which provided the contextual basis for Palestine’s current economic struggles.