`Muslim countries must not fan conflicts`
By A Reporter | 4/29/2015

ISLAMABAD: Following the recent visit of Saudi dignitaries, including Imam-i-Kaaba Shaikh Khalid Al-Ghamidi, the Grand Mufti of Oman is in the federal capital to attend an event organised by a think-thank.

Oman is the only member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which is not part of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia that is carrying out airstrikes in Yemen.

Oman has adopted a neutral stance in the ongoing conflict.

Speaking at a gathering organised by a think tank associated with Jamaat-i-Islami, Centre for Discussion and Solutions (CDS), Grand Mufti of Oman AlSheikh Ahmed bin Hamad al Khalili called for peace and cooperation among Muslim countries instead of resorting to conflict and fanning the divide.

The Grand Mufti said that in the past, oppressors of the West were damaging Muslim unity but now the Takfriri (one who accuses another of apostasy) group is dividing the Ummah. `There is need for unity among the Muslims all our lands have been occupied by others including Kibla Awal,` Al-Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad al Khalili.

He lauded the role of Pakistan in bringing the Muslim nations together in the past.

`Pakistan means the land of the pure but now the people and the government should stand at one point,` he said.

He added that Pakistan must play its role as a leader of Muslim countries to develop peace and brotherhood among all nations. The gathering was attended by scholars from the Shia and Barelvi sects, political analysts and clergy men including the Lal Masjid Naib Emir Amir Siddique.

Addressing the gathering, PML-N Senator retired General Abdul Qayyum talked about promoting peace and cooperation among Muslim countries and said conflicts must be resolved through dialogue.

He also said geographically, Oman is the closest Arab country to Pakistan and the two countries have a historical relationship.

`We got the Gwadar area from Oman in the 1950s, Senator Qayyum said.

The other speakers included Senate Senator Deputy Chairman Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, retired General Hamid Gul, Sultan Rehmat Ali of Tanzeem ul Arfeen, Saqib Naqvi of Milli Yekjehti Council and Lugman Qazi, son of late JI Emir Qazi Hussain Ahmed.

Almost all speakers were of the opinion that the Muslim world is suffering from conflicts which were being fomented by the West. Meanwhile, Saqib Naqvi decried Ulema for not promoting peace and harmony among Muslims.

Meanwhile, the ambassador of Oman in Pakistan Ahmed Khamis Al Jamri denied that the arrival of the Grand Muf ti of his country to Pakistan was to counter the visit of Imam-i-Kaaba and other Saudi dignitaries to Pakistan.

`Our position over the Yemen crisis is clear and open.

It is known to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Al Jamri said, adding that `The visit of the Grand Mufti is related to the seminar in Islamic University.

The Omani Grand Mufti is one of the directors of HUL The Imam-i-Kaaba was also invited to the opening of the seminar held on Monday but he did not attend.

Published in Dawn