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    Lightbulb Needed pessimistic political approach

    The province of Balochistan has always been neglected, purely on political reasons. Regrettably, the largest province (area wise) of the country has been ignored only due to its low population or more rightly, the small number of votes in countryís politics. Owing to this utter negligence on part of the policymakers, the populace of the region has been sandwiched between poorly educated and inherently feudalistic and the so-called democrats or politicians, lacking the foresightedness altogether.

    Owing to its less value in terms of votes, the province has been negated the benefits of its geographical, geological and geopolitical importance, wherein the significance of Gwadar Port is worthy to mention. The soil of the province is affluent in terms of natural resources of varied nature. Though, it is the wealthiest province, but in contrast, its majority of the population is poor.

    Therefore, there is a dire need to shun only the skin-deep political approach towards Balochistan. Indeed, poverty, illiteracy and socioeconomic deprivations are the primarily issues of the province of Baluchistan and must be addressed immediately.

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    You are right. Deprivations of Balochistan people are not going to seize soon. I think the title of your post should be,' needed optimistic political approach' instead of the word 'pessimistic'.
    I will little contradict to your arguments that Balochistan is 'purely being neglected on the basis of political reasons'. Other factors of equal magnitude are also playing detrimental role like you have yourself mentioned about feudalism, poor education of the masses, leadership vacuum etc.
    Moreover, Balochistan is located at a point where the 'diverging interests' of the regional power converge. Wherever in the world, exist such locations, they are subjected to a number of severities. See what is happening in Afghanistan and relate its ill-fate to that of its geography. U will find the answer.



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