It’s very complicated to get Vietnam visa extended by yourself. However, you can complete the procedure simply if you apply with us.

General requirements of Vietnam visa extension (If any)
Your passport is valid and will remain valid for the duration of your stay. At least 01 blank page is required.
The fee is different from various customers, based on your current visa status.
Foreigners temporarily residing in Vietnam who wish to extend their stay must request the agencies for the sonsporship of their stay at the Immigration Department.
Registered by individuals at Vietnam Immigration Department
Step 1: Prepare documents in accordance with the law:
1/ A declaration for the grant, supplement, modification of visas and extension of temporary residence (form N5).
2/ Passports or papers of international travel value of foreigners.

Step 2: Filing:
Foreigners lawfully residing in Vietnam shall file their dossiers at working offices of exit and entry management sections of police offices of the provinces or centrally-run cities. nursing.
Cadres receiving dossiers shall check the legality and contents of dossiers:
- If complete, valid, receive the dossier, print and hand receipt, appointment date of results.

- If the dossier is not valid, the dossier-receiving official shall guide the applicant to supplement the dossier.

* Application period: Monday to Saturday every week (except New Year, Holidays and Sundays).

Step 3: Get results:

1/ Persons who come to receive the results shall hand the receipts to the officials who return the inspection results; if they have the results of extension of their stay, they shall request the fee payers to sign the receipts.
2/ Time: Monday to Friday (excluding New Year, Holidays and Saturday and Sunday).

Registered by our legal visa Vietnam agency
Step 1: Request for visa extension service via email by sending your copy of passport and the visa stamp, visa sticker. In the email, please mention how long you intend to stay more.
Step 2: Receive our conformation of the cost and the ability.
Step 3: Send us your official passport to our office.
Step 4: Wait 7-10 business days to get your visa and passport back.

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