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Imam of Kaabah urges people to shun religious intolerance

By Our Staff Reporter | 4/25/2015

LAHORE: Islam does not allow religious prejudice and bias and teaches Muslims to love other people, said Imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah Dr Khalid al-Ghamidi in the Friday sermon he delivered at the jam-packed Bahria Town mosque here.

Islam also teaches Muslims to protect places of worship of other religions, he said.

`Islam preaches peace and tolerance... and the faithful should respect religious diversity and live in harmony with others,` he added.

Dr Ghamidi said Islam had granted all possible rights to the minorities and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had taught his followers to behave in the best possible way with the minorities.

While emphasising this point, he cited an example where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) enquired after the health of a Jewish child.

He urged the people to be patient, kind and compassionate towards others and practise self-reform.

Dr Ghamidi, who has been delivering sermons at Islam`s holiest site for eight years, urged the people to seek knowledge and education.

After the prayers, he planted a sapling in the compound of the Bahria Town mosque, said to be the largest in Pakistan.

Special security arrangements were made for the Friday prayers at the mosque, with a large number of security personnel deployed around it.

All those wishing to enter the compound were frisked before being allowed in.