Some important features of Pakistanís Education Statistics 2013-14

1. The primary school enrolment rate in the country has not seen a significant improvement over the last Ďfour yearsí
2. Enrolment at high schools has actually declined slightly since 2012-2013, falling from 2,835,326 to 2,318,840 students in 2013-2014
3. Around 1.8 million children, or one-tenth the number of students enrolled in primary school, are studying at Madressahs.
4. Approximately 35pc of schools do not have facilities for clean drinking water
5. 31pc are devoid of toilets
6. 41pc have no electricity
7. Teacher absenteeism
8. Higher than optimal student-teacher ratios
9. Pakistan`s school dropout rate remains the highest in South Asia.