IS claims execution of 11 pro-govt fighters

BAGHDAD: The Islamic State jihadist group claimed to have executed 11 pro-government hghters in Iraq, in a series of photographs shared online on Tuesday.

The first picture shows masked men armed with assault rifles marching a line of orange jumpsuit-clad prisoners across a field.

The captives are then shown kneeling in front of the gunmen with their hands bound.

The final photographs show a row of bodiesface-down in front of the militants with blood pooling on the ground.

Text accompanying the photographs said the men were killed in Salaheddin province, north of Baghdad, the scene of Herce Ůghting last month in which government forces recaptured its capital Tikrit.

Captions identified them as members of the Popular Mobilisation paramilitary units which have been fighting against the jihadists along-side the army.

The Islamic State group led an offensive last June that overran large areas north and west of Baghdad, sweeping security forces aside.

Baghdad turned to the Popular Mobilisation units which are dominated by Iranian-backed Shiite militias to bolster its flagging forces, and has since been able to regain significant ground from IS.-AFP