UK Election 2017

UK general election results 2017 has pointed towards a hung parliament with no party reaching the majority mark of 326 seats. Here is all you need to know about the “HUNG PARLIAMENT”:

What is a Hung Parliament?
British parliament has a total of 650 seats. To form a government, a political party needs to reach the majority mark of 326 seats. However, when no party manages to reach the number, it is called a hung Parliament.

What Happens Now?
A hung British parliament does not imply that another general election will be held. Instead, the party with the highest number of seats will attempt to form a government with smaller parties and independent candidates.
Conservative Party won the highest number of seats in UK election result 2017 but fell short of 8 seats to reach the 326 number.
Incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May will get the first shot to form the government - or in coalition with others.
Labour Party, the party with second highest number of seats, can try to form their own coalition government by reaching the 326-mark.
However, if no party manages to form a coalition, a minority government could be formed, but will struggle to pass laws in the parliament.

What happens if Theresa May cannot form a coalition government?
If Theresa May-led Conservative Party is unable to form a government, but Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party manages to form a government, then May will be expected to resign. Corbyn could become the UK prime minister in that scenario.

How does it affect the UK?
Formal Brexit talks between the British government and European Union will be held on June 19, just 10 days away. In order to hold the talks, it is important to form a stable government in Centre, else Brexit talks may be delayed.