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    how to make notes???

    Please guide me how to make notes?? I already prepared according to the old pattern. But new scheme has totally confused me. Pls anyone.

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    Your doubt of making note is genuine. .Many people find it difficult to make notes especially in these days when scheme and syllabus have been revised.

    First of all
    Write down the key points.
    Write down the technical terms, definitions and important information delivered by teacher. Technical terms and definition are of particular importance, so you should have them in your notes.

    Make all possible headings. You must search for relevant quotes and write down these in the answer of respective question or topic.

    Don’t keep notes on oddly shaped pieces of paper. Keep notes in order and in one place.

    Don’t take notes just to be taking notes! Take notes that will be of real value to you when you look over them later.



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