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    What is meant by 'doab' and 'baar'??

    Please anyone tell me what is meant by 'doab' and 'baar'??

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    (In contrast to Bar, Doab is a common used word and simple to understand).Simply, Doab is made up of two words-'do' meaning two and 'ab' meaning water. It is the areaa lying between two rivers flowing in the same direction.
    Example: Rachna Doab (area between Ravi and Chenab), Sindh Sagar Doab (area between Indus River and Jehlum River)


    The area stretching from the river Sutlej to river Chenab to the confluence of river Jhelum and Chenab had the generic name ‘Bar’. Bar in Punjabi language means a threshold, an outer space, an area away from the human settlement, a barrier between populated area and wild forest, a natural jungle etc.
    This Punjabi word having Indo-Aryan origins is not unconnected in etymological terms with the English word ‘bar’. Some of the meanings of ‘bar’ in the Oxford English Dictionary are: a barrier or gate closing the entrance into a city, a material structure of any shape, forming a barrier etc. So the area between two rivers that formed a natural barrier between two different settlements on their banks was called Bar in Punjabi.
    The area from the eastern side of river Jhelum (vahit) beyond the ancient city of Chiniot to the banks of river Sutlej was divided into four major Bars (Baran); the stretch between eastern side of Jhelum and western side of Chenab is called ‘Karana’ Bar, between Chenab and Ravi ‘Sandal’ Bar, between Ravi and Sutlej ‘Ganji’ Bar and on the eastern and western sides of Sutlej lies ‘Nili’Bar.

    Example: Neeli bar, Sandal Bar, Ganji bar



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