Pakistan Knowledge MCQs

1. Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence is a book written by __________
a) Jaswant Singh
b) Daaniyal Moeenuddin
c) Muhammad Hanif
d) Khursheed Kamal Aziz (K K Aziz)

2. Pakistan is separated from Tajikistan by Afghanistan's __________
a. Wakhan Corridor
b. Peshawar Pass
c. Shandur Pass
d. Khunjerab Pass

3. The __________ is a mountain pass through the Toba Kakar Range of Balochistan
a. Bolān Pass
b. Gondogoro Pass
c. Lowari Pass
d. Burzil Pass

4. ________ connects Sibi with Quetta both by road and railway
a. Burzil Pass
b. Bolan Pass
c. Khunjerab Pass
d. Babusar Pass

5. __________is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram Mountains in northern border of Pakistan's Gilgit–Baltistan Hunza - Nagar District.
a. Babusar Pass
b. Khunjerab Pass
c. Burzil Pass
d. Hispar Pass

6. ________________is the highest paved international border crossing in the world
a. The Khunjerab Pass
b. Khyber Pass
c. Bilafond La
d. Naltar Pass

7. ____________ is one of the oldest known passes in the world and connects Afghanistan and Pakistan
a. Peshawar Pass
b. Khunjerab Pass
c. Khyber Pass
d. Mustagh Pass

8. __________ is a 144 km long bow-shaped valley in Azad Kashmir Region.
a. Neelam Valley
b. Hunza Valley
c. Swat Valley
d. Kaghan Valley

9. ___________ is situated in the Chitral district of Pakistan.
a. Rawalakot Valley
b. Kalash Valley
c. Bolan Valley
d. Khunjerab Valley

10. Azad Kashmir is divided into three division named Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, and __________.
a. Rawalakot
b. Poonch
c. Bagh
d. Kotli

1. a
2. a
3. a
4. b
5. b
6. a
7. c
8. a
9. b
10. b