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    How to pass css (written)

    C.S.S. (Central Superior Services) is the most prestigious exam that is conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission each year to recruit officers in the civil service of Pakistan.

    There are almost eleven federal departments, where recruitments are made on the recommendations of the commission. Each candidate is given three opportunities to appear and qualify the exam. As the posts are of administrative nature and promotion is quite rapid the candidates who aspire to be C.S.P. put their best abilities in work to qualify the exam.

    Viewing a bright prospect and a meritorious career ahead thousands of enthusiastic young men desire to be an officer. Most of them are not fully serious. Mind it! there is no shortcut to this task done. They do not stick to the study course earnestly. They make efforts in all directions. Each job advertisement in the dailies fascinate them. Resultantly, their timely fascinations cost them their career. It is also true that keen students find many difficulties that range from the selection of right study material to the mastery of language techniques. As the problems are of multiple and of different nature and scope, the solution lies in proper guidance.

    What is the aim of a student in an examination? Surly to get as high marks as he can for his answers, and to pass the examination with greatest possible credit to himself. This being the object of candidate, he must be a fool if he does not take every honourable means in his power to get good marks. What is wanted in an examination is a little knowledge put in a clear and neat style, free of such faults, as bad grammar, and irrelevant matter introduced in answers to the questions asked.

    Here tips to get maximum marks have been discussed for the serious students.

    The first requisite for the competitive exam is good language. This is more the exam of the style and less of the knowledge. For good mastery over language, the advised course of action is good reading habits. Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lessons of History by Will Durant are good books to be skimmed through. A proper planning to learn vocabulary techniques and good knowledge of grammatical skills are solutions to language problems.

    Selection of subjects
    This goes very customary to the students, that while setting their priorities for preparation, they consume a sizable period of time in selection of optional subjects. Science, Commerce, Humanities, and Language groups are left with choice of 200 marks for the candidates in the each group. Selection becomes hard as each student has to opt two new subjects. The wise course of action is to make a careful study of the detailed syllabus outlines, the previous papers and the available study material in the market. A calculating and scientific study will help the students to determine their optional subjects. Do not opt optional subjects mere by suggestion of seniors. Look into the problem unto yourself and try to reach a determined solution.

    What to start with?
    To get off to a good start compulsory subjects should be taken first. Most of the students kill a lot of time. They do not know that pass marks in optional subject are 33% whereas pass marks in compulsory subject are 40% with an aggregate of 50% marks. This must not be forgotten that each student appears in compulsory subjects and examiner has a huge variety of styles. Thus, most effectives are awarded good marks.

    How to find good books?

    It is sad and lamentable that it becomes very hard to find good books in the market. The books given in the syllabus are mostly beyond the mark and beside the point. The case in the point needs to be focused is to mark the areas of interest. Let us take the example of Pak Affairs. The thrust of subject focuses movement with socio-cum-political developments in post-independence period. If a minute study of syllabus with a glance at the past question papers have been cast the following break-up will come forward:
    Renaissance movements with impact 1 Question
    Political development in response to Hindu actions 1 Question
    Immediate development near 1947 1 Question
    Post-independence development 1 Question
    Foreign policy and socio-economic-cum-cultural 1 Question
    Personality oriented 1 Question
    Failures of Pakistan and latest development 1 Question
    Objective type 1 Question
    This same scheme of things has been followed by the examiner in each paper. Thus, be wise in selecting study material.

    Written practice
    It is doing not saying which leads to success. So intensive writing practice is required to get through. First develop your study plan that encompasses almost five different areas of interest. Pick questions asked in the previous papers and write their answers in 35 minutes. Students focus the first problem most than 35 minutes and resultantly mar the standard of the rest of essay type answers.

    Equal attention
    Students do not equally attend their syllabus. Islamiyat is the most neglected and it is erroneously believed that this could be prepared near to the exam within a few days. This not only hurts the final score but affects the management of revision near to the exam.

    Plain papers

    It is interesting to mention that students do not practice on plain papers. They used to write on the papers with line marks. As they find Answer sheet without line marks, they find it difficult to compose properly on paper without line marks. The best course is to do writing practice writing on the paper without line marks.

    In the compulsory papers exam schedule runs 2 papers in the morning from 9am to 12pm and on the afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm This schedule does not allow a candidate to ruminate his syllabus. What is needed is preparation of briefs that help the candidate to be more argumentative and convincing. Do not trust in the briefs made by your friends, do it unto yourself.

    How to attempt Essay Paper
    This is frequently complained by the instructors that the worst student writing is done on essay examination. Of course, the pressure under which examinations are written is not conducive to stylistic finish. But the chief weaknesses of examinations answers is not that they are ungrammatical or awkward but they are not composed at all. The student does not first plan what he wants to say and then develops his intention into an adequate answers, too often he begins to write without any clear purpose and assumes that as long as he is writing he is answering the questions. The result is frequently an answer which is irrelevant, inadequate, unclear and self contradictory.

    This is the test of the student’s ability to grasp main idea, from generalisations of his own from the facts, and select and relate details to develop the generalisation. It tests thinking not simply memory. For this reason a grasp of the major points is more useful than memorising the host of isolated facts.

    A three-hour essay examination is strenuous intellectual exercise, all things being equal, a student who is fresh and releaxed will do better work than one who is tired and tense.

    • In their eagerness to start writing, some students ignore thrust of the questions they are to answer. It is wise discipline to survey any task before beginning it.
    • Make your choice after serious deliberations.
    • Remember that nothing annoys a grader as a series of unsupported and unexplained generalisations.

    This must be very clear that examiner does make selections from everyday problems. Very few he goes for reflective essays. Anyhow, a student must prepare current problems from national and international arena, i.e. political instability in Pakistan, suicide bombing, environmental issues, soaring prices and economic stalemate, population, Muslim Ummah, religious fanaticism, education, recurring martial laws, energy crisis, water crisis, a role of regional organisations, role of China in the emerging world, foreign policy towards US, Muslim world, India, Afghanistan, constitutional implications, PCO, role of political parties, information explosion, media, strategic importance and crisis of institutions are important issues for the current year.

    Tips for Examination Hall
    Neat and legible handwriting is the first requisite in the examination hall. Do see your n’s cannot be mistaken for us and your’s and s’s are accurately formed. Always keep words distinct from one another. Begin a fresh paragraph wherever there is any new idea introduced.
    It is very common with the students to smudge a word of the orthography of which they are not certain, in the hope that the examiner will give them benefit of the doubt. A trick of this kind will not fetch anything in the exams.
    Leave a fair margin on the left hand side.
    Always start new answer on the new page.
    It is not necessary to answer the first question first.
    Answers should be brief and to the point. Digressions and irrelevant material should be avoided.
    Very often students miss the real point while answering question set in the exam. They write quite different what is required. Do attend the question with a pause, ponder over it and try to be to the point.
    Following things should be avoided.
    Personal appeals
    Joking with the examiner
    Appeals to the Deity

    Let it be very clear that there is no substitute of hard work. Success goes to those who pour their soul in their work. If by any stroke of misfortune a candidate fails to qualify the exam, he must not lose heart. There are tens of examples that those who failed in the first attempt landed at very good position in the next chance. I have been coaching students for last 16 years. My experience tells that sincerity, devotion and right direction are keys to success. Always, be optimistic, do not run after so-called guess papers, trust in your abilities and have faith in Almighty. Success is always with those who plan wisely and have courage to pursue their plans with determination.

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