Pakistan is quickly emerging as a preferred business and investment destination in the world. It has successfully overcome a major trade hiatus which plagued the business environment during the last decade. Despite limitation, many of the business sectors stayed resilient kept contributing to the economy. Now that the trepidation is over, Investments, both national and foreign are pouring into numerous sectors. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is set to redefine the regionís balance of power and open newer avenues of business and investment in the country. Of the many thriving businesses, Pakistanís real estate sector is among the healthiest businesses of the country, moving nearly 02 percent of the countryís GDP (source: The sector contributes immensely to the wider economy and continues to provide impetus for overall national growth.

According to the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD), there is currently a housing deficit of 800,000 units and this shortfall is increasing by 300,000 units each year. Increasingly, developers are focusing on smaller, adjoining cities. While Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi dominate the real estate sector, lately developers have moved their attention to projects outside of these areas.

Pakistanís real estate is witnessing a steady growth as the country struggles with lack of urban planning and a host of basic facilities that ensure quality of living. Well-planned and systematically organized housing societies catering to the need of predominantly the upper middle class are quickly rushing in to fill the wide.

The modern housing societies in their essence should provide for all the facilities that the poorly planned or unplanned and ever sprawling metropolises drastically lack including all the basic necessities of life. The standard of living may differ from one housing society to another but a real estate customer usually expects quality, reliability and all the basic facilities that are needed in life.

Like every other business sector, real estate has to ensure quality products and services as value for the customersí money. The real estate industry needs to turn up the competition a tad to lead the sector into healthy reforms, ensuring quality and affordability; and to encourage fresher ideas to facelift the industry. Luckily, Samhan Group, the real estate giant behind the success of Fazaia Housing Society has just marched into the real estate industry with its own real estate brand, ĎSamhan Housingí which is set to bring in new real estate projects, both residential and commercial, to cater to all budget groups in Pakistan. Samhan Housing is set to launch residential projects in three major metropolises of Pakistan namely Attock, Islamabad, and Lahore. Unlike other real estate brands, Samhan Housing will target all budget segments of Pakistan in order to ensure quality living for all.

Samhan Housing has a three-pronged strategy for its future real estate projects which includes Quality, Reliability and Affordability. According to company officials, enabling all income groups to have a taste of quality living and enjoy the comfort of their own homes will be a key objective behind all of Samhanís residential ventures. While the company mulls over introducing budget homes for the low-income segment, as it did in its previous projects under the name ĎSamhan Homesí, the quality of the projects will be kept uncompromised. Samhan Housing also plans to provide homes on 6 years instalments and possession will be given in 3 years.

The Group behind Samhan Housing has matchless credentials in Pakistanís real estate as well as the entire corporate sector which opens unique prospects for secure investment. The group brings in its years of inimitable expertise and ambition of creating shared value for its customers and investors.

Samhan Housing will rely on the unique standing of its parent company to set the bar higher in Pakistanís real estate industry. Samhan Housing is committed to extending the quality and luxurious life style to all the segments of society.

Besides, extending its matchless real estate brand to three new metropolises including Attock, Lahore and Islamabad, Samhan Housingís ambitious and futuristic projects include luxury farmhouses and wellness resorts under the brand name ĎLa Vidaí, aimed at providing unmatchable lifestyle experience to its customers.

Pakistanís real estate industry has the potential to immensely contribute to the national exchequer as well as to the broader economy. Newer investment and healthy competition will not only add to the growth of the sector but also herald economic prosperity for the country.