Man Forgets to Live for the Sake of Getting a Living
Sometimes to believe the realities is extremely hard. Perhaps it becomes hard to believe when man forgets the importance of the other living creatures on the same planet, he/she lives in, and being caught by the cruel rules of the circumstances that force one to dance as it is set to! And thus, it is hard to observe the conceivable rule of the laws which the man can be forced to act upon on any conditions, except those he chooses to set but unfortunately the crucial circumstances never allow one to do so as he/she wants to.
Perhaps, today's ongoing challenging circumstances are set up to make one act as they say. In such conditions, there can be observed a conceivable law that prevents him from setting them. He can hardly perceive the preservation of his sole-rights in today's moderate and exclusive law.
Living in twenty first century, we all might be well aware of the very fundamental and core requirement of human beings on this society in any term of law, which includes an appropriate rule of law, where there is justice, there is prosperity, where there is justice and equality, there is progress, stability, civilization, development, and peace which are the chief performers of all.
It provides the required motivations to work, to succeed, to prosper, to develop and to excel. In fact, whenever, the right, honor and justice of every individual are encroached upon, there exists some unrest and unhealthy combatant in the society which leads to a great destruction.
No matter how small the affected segment is, the consequences would always have an outcome but the impact may be very major on the entire society even for the whole country. If unheeded, it may cause to lead to a rebellion; and should rightly do so in the absence of justice and equality. A society that becomes prone to injustice and corruption simply cannot advance or excel, as backwardness and failure becomes its first and last exceptional fate.
Objectively speaking, the current walks of law in some countries, the course of the courts and other natural justice are so tedious and the expenses are so high that the remedy justice is worse than the disease injustice which can be openly perceived with its huge and indiscriminate practice.
As a matter of fact, the social structure in a society should be based in such a way that no one is discouraged to seek and ask for justice and their rights. One issue on its extreme level is seeking that much-deprived justice is relating to our educational system, and the most major ongoing political crisis not only in Pakistan but in the world at large without any mercy, especially to the lower class people which mostly happens in the backward countries, including many other backward countries.
The main issue which has never been under talks and concern is the unsatisfactory and inefficient examination system by the educational authorities that exists in our country and is confidently rising day after day. This is called injustice and unconcerned movement. It's quite true that nothing can be achieved without hard working, but hard working gives nothing these days, except disheartening and discouraging those talented students rather than the other so-called students with their bold bonus.
Indeed what shall be said of nothing getting deserved due to even after following the much-toiled career path? It has been rightly said. As a result, men for the sake of getting a living forget to live due to unhealthy and political unawareness and have contaminated the justice environment.
This confidently holds to be true, especially in the present times marked by the large-scale unemployment, competition, and dissatisfaction of the contaminated injustice adoption. This must be pronounced, so unfortunate and misfortunate under this condition where a person can acquire nothing…..nothing and reach nowhere beyond his extreme and bold efforts.
Considering the dark shadow of injustice we are replete with today, we approached to unfortunate conditions. However, when a man is engrossed in and perturbed by the process of getting employment and is dissatisfied even after getting so, he may live but won't be spirited or living satisfactorily.
The difference between the two is to be acknowledged and dealt with in an appropriate way.
Objectively speaking, there is considerable unrest among the education providers. Regretfully, the government on the basis of academic arrangement has appointed these teachers in the schools and universities. Working like daily wagers with the wage or without any hope of getting permanent appointments in the upcoming future, they are being exploited by the government or private institutions in more than one way.
There are a lot of such lecturers and teachers who have been serving the educational institutions in, for years altogether without any job security. Some have lost hope of getting a permanent job despite being in service for long period of time.
For sure patience is virtue and good things in life often take time to reach to the dreamed ones and thus good things in life often take time, but if the circumstances allow so. In fact what has not been pointed is the fact that without having equal rights, justice and satisfaction, this is going to have a negative impact on the motivational aspect of our next generations. Until the needs of a human beings are satisfied in a proper manner and he is positively motivated and he cannot be expected to introduce and perform well.
Above all, there is a bold clue for this issue, but it can be resolved collectively. A beginning could be made by the formation of wise government authorities and a formal recognition can be sought from the government side. It would aid the lecturers, teachers, institutions and universities in their representation at the higher levels. The government authorities should take note of it.
By resolving this matter and giving it the much-deserved attention, the government can undo what has been done in the past. It can give fresh hope to the despaired rights of students, employees and citizens.
Due recognition has to be given to the worth and work of man. Justice must not only exist but also appear to be done. This shouldn't only mark a new chapter in politics but also in the field of education and sociology. The power lies with the government. They should use it wisely with humility to provide the equal rights and justice not for the selected numbers of people but rather for all the people of various races, colours, religions and faiths.