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    Rejection of CSS Application

    Application for CSS Rejected Candidates!

    Here is a sample of application. You may change the subject or other lines to whatever you deem good.




    Subject: Acceptance of CSS Candidature

    Respected Sir/Mam,

    This letter is to inform you that I applied for CE-2017. I timely, duly and properly filled my application form, attached all required documents and sent it FPSC Islamabad office. However, through a notice from FPSC, I came to know that my candidature has been rejected because of______under rules______. According to the prescribed procedure and directions to approve my application, I filed a challan of Rs. 250 as a fine. I am sending the hard copy of application form, documents challan form and copy of the letter along with the application. I request you to kindly accept my application and approve my CSS candidature.

    I shall be very thankful for your kind consideration.

    Yours obediently,
    XYZ (Name)



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    There is no need to worry if your CSS application has been rejected.

    Here is a simple procedure and application:
    File a Challan of Rs. 250 as a fine
    Make a copy of the letter sent to you by FPSC. Sign the original.
    A hard copy of application form
    An application
    Arrange these all and send it to FPSC Islamabad office.

    Your application will be accepted.



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