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    Question Kindly suggestsome best books for....

    IR, Journalism & Mass Communication, Mercantile Law, Essay & Preci, and Business Administration

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    International Relations: Ikram Rabbani's IR book and World Politics: Trend and Transformation by Charles Kegley

    Journalsm and Mass Communication: Journalism For All By Dr Mehdi Hassan, Mass Communication by Imtiaz Shahid.

    Mercantile Law: Mercantile Law by H H Khan, Mercantile Law of Khalid Mehmood Cheema

    Business Administration: An Introduction to Business Administration by Sibtain Afza (Jahangir Publisher)

    Essays by Nasir Jamal

    English (Precis & Comp): To the Point English by Jahangir Publisher and Exploring the World of English by Saadat Ali Shah

    Along with all these books, keep newspaper reading an indispensable part of your study.
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