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    Outline: Water Crisis and National Unity

    Water Crisis and National Unity

    Unity and cohesion among federating units of Pakistan is important for national security. Any discord and disunity is harmful for Pakistan's survival.

    1. Introduction
    2. The Concept of National Unity
    3. Water Crisis and National Unity
    Ř Water is essential for sustaining life
    Ř Water security is national security
    4. Pakistan’s Water Profile
    Ř Water Resources
    5. Water Availability and Demand in Pakistan
    Ř Water deficient country
    6. Scale and Scope of Water Crisis in Pakistan
    7. Water Crisis retards National Unity
    i. Water scarcity-Dwindling availability of water amidst rising demand
    ii. Interprovincial disharmony
    Ř Punjab and Sindh
    Ř Sindh and Balochistan
    Ř Kalabagh Dam
    iii. Concerns of Islamabad Capital Territory, Azad Kashmir, and FATA
    iv. Rising provincial prejudices among the public
    v. Increasing electricity shortages
    vi. Rising Poverty and malnutrition
    8. Way Forward
    i. Reforming IRSA
    ii. Building infrastructure
    iii. Encouraging and enhancing water trading
    iv. Mutually honoring 1991 Accord
    v. Checking irregularities and water theft
    vi. Addressing public misconceptions
    vii. Effective water management
    viii. Regional Cooperation
    Ř Indus Water Treaty
    ix.Utilizing modern technology for enhancing water security
    x. Broader understanding of the situation
    9. Role of Civil Society
    10. Role of Media
    11. Conclusion

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    Following link will be helpful for detailed study:

    Pakistan's Water Crisis

    Inter-provincial water issues in Pakistan
    Imagination is more important than knowledge



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