Examiner Report::English Essay::CSS-2016

Majority of the candidates attempted the paper in such a way that ideas were not coherent, organized or focused on the topic.

Random thoughts were brought together without any logical reasoning or research based facts and arguments.

There was lack of creativity which might be expected of candidates appearing in the competition exam.

The demands of the topics was to build an argument from multiple angles and substantiate it with facts and figures however, a large majority of the candidates incorporated formulaic and crammed up material in the essays.

Most of the candidates did not fulfill the criterion of required length.

The essays were also replete with errors of grammar, spellings and punctuation in fact there was not a single script which was error free.

The outlines of the essays were not properly structured. Either they were brief or if they were detailed, most of the time, the aspects mentioned in the outlines were not discussed in the essays.

Overall, the standard of the scripts was dismal and highly unsatisfactory.