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Global Hunger Index
Pakistan has been ranked as a country with “serious” hunger level with 22 per cent of its population undernourished on the 2016 Global Hunger Index.
Placed 107 in a ranking of 118 developing countries, Pakistan performed worse than most of its South Asian neighbours in eliminating hunger.

Global Terrorism Index
Pakistan recorded a substantial decrease in terrorist activities last year, with 45 per cent fewer attacks and 38pc fewer deaths reported in the year than in the previous year, according to the report of the ‘Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2016’, eased by the US-based Institute for Economics and Peace, an independent think-tank.

The five countries at the top of the GTI — Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria — accounted for 72pc of all deaths from terrorism in 2015. This was despite the fact that Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan all had at least a 30pc decline from 2014. Afghanistan, on the other hand, had an increase in deaths of 18pc.

Global Economic Impact
The global economic impact of terrorism in 2015 was broadly comparable to the previous year, costing the global economy $89.6 billion.