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    Punjabi- CSS Syllabus


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    is punjabi syllabus changed or same for css 2016 plz guide

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    Yes! After FPSC's latest ropund of revisions, Punjabi syllabus also went under some drastic changes. New sections has been added along with trimming some of the portions of the syllabus like (1) Zaban te zaban di ta'arif in section J, 4,5, and 6 Moo Aate, Kuliate e Peer Fazzal Gujraati etc and section (H) takhliqi nasar are new ones.
    Moreover, in current syllabus, some earlier important sections like Drama, stories, novel, e.g Hut, Tahli de thalle (Ishfaq Ahmad) etc have been removed.

    There are also other changes too which you may see while comparing this one with the one old and discarded.
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