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    Projects under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

    A major chunk i.e. six (6) coal based power projects of 7920 MW under the CPEC are being facilitated by PPIB. Out of these, three (3) projects of 3300 MW have already started construction and it is anticipated that these projects will start producing much needed megawatts during 2017/18. Three (3) hydro IPPs of 2690 MW generation capacity are being processed by PPIB under the banner of CPEC which are progressing in accordance with the specified timelines. Alongside Hydro and Coal, the government has also planned to utilise R-LNG for producing affordable power generation in the country in shortest time period. For this purpose, various projects are being processed at different locations of the country. PPIB is facilitating these projects to ensure smooth processing and timely completion. It is anticipated that through PPIB's efforts, more than 4000 MW shall be available by the end of 2018. Courtesy: Business Recorder

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    These fools must rely less on non renewable energy resources.why they had to spent 7000mw or so for coal.these non rewable energy resource can be used at time when renewable energy is long as these corrupt BABAS are running country we will continue to face such crises for dacades..lets not forget how much we will pay for such projects in return...and if our debt to GDP ratio exceeds which is 68 % above 75% we will have to loose our nuclear assets...this crises started in 2006 guess where are we now??? ...why cant these BABAS install wind energy projects along coast belts of makran and karachi

    The writer is the embarrassed citizen of pakistan angered by energy crises ......
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