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    How can we benefit saudi led military coalition

    1. the saudi led military coalition of 34 countries is boon from heaven
    2. that will create a strong united islamic force to counter external and internal aggression

      What would be benefits?
      The coalition partners will able to reduce their individual defence budget to some extent.

      Pakistan defence budget is 8billion dollors right now.. they may contribute with 3to4 billion dollars to united islamic force led by saudi arabia

      Hence if all the coalition partners contributing with 3to4 billion dollars while we multiply 4 billion dollars with 34 will be equal to 136billion dollars which is huge amount
      So if all the coalition partners are or will contribute equally it is more likely that the burden on their own defence budget will reduce to great extent.

      What can further be done if they spent 136$billion dollars on such force????

      If coalition partners agree to equally contribute then they will benefit equally...

      In order to spend 136 billion dollar to built such islamic coalition are required to make a proper structure of such islamic force
      Of army
      Of navy
      And of airforce


      An agreement is require among coalition partner where structure of such islamic force will be build through proper mechanism

      In 136billion dollars they must spend some money to build command and control structure like pentagon and like nato..

      This command and control institution should be build to control army airforce and navy of united islamic force of 34 nation saudi led military coalition

      The headquarters of such command and control structure should be build in
      Saudi arabia
      Turkey and egypt only...initially but with passage of time it can be expanded to to other arab countries too with the increase in strength of coalition military partners

      2 in these commad and control centre...there should be proper intellgence network built to enhance communication and provide information to each other to counter external and internal aggression

      3 after building proper command and control structure there further money should be spent on building institution that offer training courses to train cadets yes institution must be build under the tag of """""34 nation military coalition"""""".such training centres must be established in countries that are part of union

      4 and these coaltion partners must built reseach and development centre to encourge introduction of new technologies these research centres must be built in those countries where command and control centre is built

      The purpose of building reseach and development centre is to built indegenous technology that must be shared in coaltion partners only...
      The aim of research centre in collaboration with either chinese or russian can be done...but coalition partners should strictly rely on themselves to make indegenius technology wether tanks
      air defence system
      Fighter jets
      Or UAVs
      Attack helicoptors
      And building aircraft carriers

      At the end coalition partners must set a goal to increase strength of their army to 2million atleast in 10years or so where they feel comfortable to achieve target
      Every year they must set target to built desired strength of army airforce and navy
      as well the ammout of aircraft built by them like every country does...

      At the same time the election of commander in chief should be based on democratic norms
      Must depend how much proficiency he possess in handling army and in coordination too

      What would be its impacts?

      A strongly built coalition of 34 nation will counter aggression

      Through their own intellgence agencies against intellegence agencies like RAW CIA and MoSsad
      to end insurgencies uprisings and proxy wars

      34 nation military coalition can counter external threats of nato and US as they done in iraq and libya and now syria they cant dare to initiate against any proxy war again..

      The presence such strong military existence ie 34led coalition will enable Israel to peaceful negotiation or death.

      And finally this 34 led strong military coaltion BHARAT K GALAY KA TAUUUQ BANAY GA...If their army will not leave jammu and Kashmir ....

      Strategic benefits
      This military coalition would be including those countries that has close borders..
      Deploying such force along borders of all coalition partners will remove border desputes as their wont be any insurgencies or infiltrations
      The coaltion partners can handle border desputes if exist through consnsus

      Of course later afghanistan can be part of such force but also some part of this army can be deployed in afghanistan to better train afghans forces

      Iran too must be included under agreement not to initate secretriain conflict

      An accountibility bureau must be established to check corruption to ensure transperacy..for this purpose different members of coaltion partners must perform hearning of cases of crimes of all kind as well.for example if pakistani army officers are involved in corruption of any kind then their justice must done in different country who is part of coalition only...hearning of case can be done in saudi arabia or egypt the same way if egyptian army officers are involved in crime of any kind their justice must be done in pakistan..where neutral judges must be present

      For this purpose 34led military coalotion court must be establish in those countries where command and control structure built like egypt turkey pakistsn and saudi arabia

      Coalition partners must ensure not to tranfer their indegenus technology at any cost

      Coaltion partners must ensure not to poiticized such islamic force..poltical activity must be prohibited in such army or even political affiliation

      Very important...this 34 led military coaltion must be the frontline defence of all coalition partners and can be used freely by any coalition partner at time of crises where it is duty of all partners to provide full support to partner in crises..

      The aim of such military force is to estsblish peace....even if required force against any country


      It will provide employment to vast majority of youth in muslim countries with the gigentic defence budget 136billion dollars or more

      It will maintain balance of power

      It will be instruemental in liberation of palestine and kashmir...
      So UN go to sleep...because we know how many beans make five😀

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    While those poor countries are included whose defense budget is not even 1billion dollar ...overall budget of such coaltion keeping in mind equal sharing of turkey egypt pakistan saudi arabia and other will make almost 40billion dollars it would be good enough too for such purposes if strength increase to 15lacks in 5years or so



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