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    Need help to make a study plan

    Aslam o aliekum

    I m new here and completed my masters in chemistry few months ago. I have total background of science and have little acquaintance of politics and current affairs. I am aspirant for CE-2017 and i am thinking to opt ; "International relations, Chemistry, Zoology, Sociology"

    Now i need help of all members "how should i start to prepare. Whether i should study first compulsory subjects n then optional or i should do it simultaneously? Moreover, should i first start one subject and go for other after its completion or study both simultaneously?"

    Kindly share the strategy that how should i start and practice for english and other subjects as i am finding difficulty to start it

    Hope to see your guidance and support

    Thank u

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    1) Your subject selection is fine. Beware that zoology and chemistry can be tricky when it comes to css.
    2) You need to prepare compulsory subjects, IR and sociology exclusively.
    3) I don't know about your writing skills but still I'll recommend to adopt habit of writing essays as it's most important yet unpredictable paper.
    4) There are two approaches for preparing subjects,
    firstly, one can prepare 2,3 subjects at a time so that one may not get bored with one subject
    secondly, one may prepare one subject at a time so that one may study deeply one subject at a time.
    Final choice rests with the aspirant.

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    Mastering English for css exam requires three step approach:
    1) Reading extensively ie Dawn, books
    2) Discussing and debating ideas
    3) Writing what you have read and discussed.



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